Vehicle Servicing

Whether it's minor or major servicing, our technicians can perform you routine maintenance tasks to make sure that your car continues to run its very best. During the service, our mechanics will inspect components through the vehicle for wear or damage, and will inform you if they require replacement. If you'd like to book your vehicle in for a service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Roadworthy Inspections

At Spacelane, we are a licensed VicRoads roadworthy inspector. This qualification is granted to only the most trusted of mechanics and allows us to assess your vehicle to ensure that it is safe for road use. If you have purchased a second hand vehicle you may require a roadworthy certificate, trust the team at Spacelane to ensure your new purchase is as safe as possible on the road.

Transmission Servicing and Repairs

Similar to any other part of your vehicle, your transmission can require servicing or repairs. Our skilled technicians can comprehensively assess your vehicle's transmission to ensure your gear shifts are as smooth as possible. A worn transmission can often be diagnosed by whining noises or clunky shifting. If you'd like to book in for a transmission repair, contact us today.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle's brakes have many parts that wear over time like the pads, rotors and shoes. At Spacelane we can repair and service brakes for all makes and models so that your vehicle is stopping as the factory intended it to. If you're lacking confidence in your vehicle's braking, or your brakes are noisy, contact us today for a quote.

Fleet Maintenance

At Spacelane Mechanical we are also capable of maintaining your fleet vehicles. Our team will apply their high level of workmanship across your whole fleet. To find out more and arrange a quote on maintaining your fleet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

Having predictable and consistent handling makes driving a much safer experience. Your steering and suspension components wear over time, making your vehicle handle less predictably and not ride as smoothly on the road. At Spacelane Mechanical our skilled technicians can repair and replace suspension components to get your vehicle handling its very best. For a quote on repair, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Auto Electrical and Diagnostics

Many modern vehicles rely heavily upon electronics throughout their design, these electronics can often present faults or errors that can be difficult to diagnose without the right tools or a skilled technician. At Spacelane Mechanical our technicians have the tools and the skills to quickly find these faults and repair them quickly and professionally.

Exhaust Fitting and Repairs

The exhaust of your vehicle is responsible for dispelling the gases and emissions created during combustion in your engine. How efficiently these gases are dispelled has a dramatic impact upon your vehicle's power output and efficiency. If your vehicle seems louder than usual or your exhaust is rattling, speak with one of our friendly technicians today about a quote on replacement.

Clutch Repairs

Your vehicle's clutch is responsible for engaging the power from the engine and putting it to use. Over time the plates within your clutch wear and this power isn't engaged as effectively, which can reduce your vehicle's efficiency. If your clutch doesn't feel as responsive as when it was new, or you'd like an assessment, contact us today.

Tyres and Wheel Balancing

As well as our other mechanical services available, we can also fit tyres. Once your new tyres are fitted we can balance and align your wheels to optimise fuel efficiency and ensure that your tyres wear as evenly as possible. If your wheels are misaligned it can result in decreased fuel efficiency. We can supply a wide variety of tyres for all makes and models, whether its performance or economy tyres. For a quote on new tyres, contact us today.

Child Restraint Fitting

Having your child's restraint professionally fitted is crucial to their safety when travelling your car. Our skilled technicians will properly mount your baby seat and ensure the restraints are properly fastened so that your child travels in safety. If you are in need of having a child seat or restraint fitted, please don't hesitate to contact us.